Jean Eavis 

Jean passed away on Sunday morning. A melanoma which appeared in her shoulder eight years ago had developed secondaries which moved into her spine. During the last two months when the seriousness of her illness became apparent I have been with her constantly, and she was exceptionally brave and did not suffer.

I am thankful for more than 30 years I have spent with my beautiful and loving wife. A wonderful mother and a great lover, she became the cornerstone of the festival, offering not only unwavering support, but a determination to do things properly. It is this determination which has seen the Glastonbury Festival develop into the unique event it is today. 

I hope those who come will join with me in celebrating a life so well lived and loved at Glastonbury Festival 1999 as a tribute to Jean. There can be no greater tribute.

The funeral service was held on Saturday 22nd May at the Methodist Chapel in Pilton, Somerset, UK.

(Words: Michael Eavis
,17th May 1999

. Reproduced with permission from the Glastonbury Festival website)