Erik Thomsen

The live music industry lost another of its major figures, with the sad death of Erik Thomsen on May 20th, 2006.
Erik was not only one of the originators of concert promoting in Scandinavia, he was also one of the great characters that make this business what it is. 

He was a great supporter of the ILMC since the earliest days, and his passing will leave a gap in the conference that will be hard to fill.

Our deepest sympathies go to Erik's family, his colleagues - and all those around the world who were lucky enough to know him as a friend.

Throughout 40 years Erik Thomsen was one of those who made the rock roll.

 And even though he looked upon the professionalism of the concert industry with a little sadness, Erik, with his background in shipping, understood the balance between true love for the music on one hand and on the other maintaining the hard but necessary approach to the industry.

The young Thomsen committed himself so much to the genre of hard rock that he never managed to let go, and luckily, he would say himself. He started up small pop clubs all over Denmark, an early activity related to concert promotion, which became the beginning of his career in the trade of music business.

In 1965 he met Arne Worsoe and together they started Bendix Music that quickly gave already well-established concert agencies hard competition.

Actually, they were quite an odd couple, Worsoe and Thomsen. Worsoe looking out for the money, Thomsen taking care of the art. Hardly spoken, but it worked, and even though their collaboration had ups and downs, at times it even seemed like war, they always reconciled because it was only together they really were complete.

And besides, there is no doubt that Worsoe learned Thomsen that partying all night long at one and another rock party just wasn't good enough; the everyday life at the office was what made the business succeed.

Thomsen liked the hard rock and heavy music and developed personal relations with many big names within the music industry, fromLed Zeppelin to Deep Purple, and arranged concerts with them in his home country while it was still possible economically. He liked what he sold/promoted and listened to the music at home as well. Not an untrustworthy starting point for a sales man. And his network within this part of the music gave him a position in the business a lot of people less humble would have difficulties in handling.

The great names in heavy and rock and their managers liked to make practical jokes with Thomsen. He responded to it nicely - and eventually as an honour. A legendary moment was when he, during a concert in Paris, was hung up in a string in front of the audience while guitarist Ritchie Blackmore accompanied. A moment in his career, that for Thomsen was just as big as when he in 1997 secured the signature of Michael Jackson for two completely sold out concerts in Parken, Copenhagen.

When Erik got sick in August last year, it soon became clear that someone else had to take over his business. It was decided that his assistant through the last 3 years, Pernille Moller Pedersen was the right person to do that, as Pernille had a very strong relationship with Erik both personally and in business, and also had a very good relationship with the agents that Erik worked with and the local promoters all over Scandinavia and in The Baltics.

Pernille took over as head of ET around new years with great support from the company staff and Arne and Kim Worsoe from ICO. It is Pernille's goal to work very hard to carry on and continue what Erik spend his whole life building and hopefully make him proud. On that note it is great to see that ET Concert Promotion is growing and is stronger and promoting more shows than ever (BB King, Bryan Adams, Status Quo, Deep Purple, Beach Boys and many more...)

Erik leaves behind a wife and two children.

(Words: ET Concert Promotions)