Matthew Sztumpf

Matthew Stzumpf died on March 21, 2010, after suffering a brain aneurysm. He will be badly missed by the many friends and colleagues he encountered around the world during a long and varied career in live music.  Over a period of more than 30 years, he worked as an agent at Panda and Bron agencies booking artists such as Madness, The Specials and Selecter, a manager with involvement in the careers of Madness, The Smiths, Swing Out Sister and Propaganda amongst others a record company executive in Sony Music Europe's 'live department', and a tour manager for acts including Scouting for Girls and Youssou Ndour. 

Matthew was also a good friend and supporter of the ILMC - acting as the spokesman on several occasions for both the recording and management sectors. He was also a gentleman and a lovely chap to spend time with.
(Words: Martin Hopewell)

“Towards the end of my stint managing Madness, I needed help. We had had almost two years where the hits just kept on coming – relentlessly! An intense experience for all which involved much recording, making all those cracking videos, heaps of TV work everywhere, Japanese car ads, wanting America, mortgages, marriages, movies, money and tons and tons of touring (which was rapidly loosing its lustre for some). I was drained and personally foundering. I perceived Matthew, who had been our agent at Bron, as being quietly solid and balanced and a counterpoint to my own often volatile relations with the artist. He proved to be so. He took up the slack and then held the reins while maintaining that air of quiet confidence which, in my experience all those years ago, was such an attractive aspect of the man. It’s very sad. I know he’ll be missed".
(Words: John ‘Kellogs’ Kalinowski)

“'Matt was one of the good guys in the business. He did the best for his acts with honesty, dignity and most importantly, a sense of humour. He will be sorely missed.”
(Words: Paul Crockford)

“Matthew was a real straight-up, good bloke, with no edge or side to him. He was a genuinely nice guy, and there are not enough of those around. I’m very, very sad that he is no longer with us.”
(Words: Jeremy Lascelles)

“Matthew took me from Stiff into the world of Madness. We then went on to manage Swing Out Sister together. Those were my formative years in artist management with one of the business's nicest people. He taught me a great deal".
(Words: Jamie Spencer)

“I am so shocked. I still cannot believe it. So many great fun and memories. Faxes, Paris shoot, Japan US Sony many, many more. The world has lost a great guy.”
(Words: Kaz Utsunomiya)

“Matthew was one of the good guys in the music business. I knew him as manager for Madness and then Swing Out Sister. Most recently I met him at Later...with Jools tour managing Daniel Merriweather. He was fair man and a wise one, not cynical, but with a good eye for human foibles and not averse to the odd party. I'll miss him.”
(Words: Mark Cooper)

"I'm so sorry to hear the news; Matthew was a true gentleman in all senses of the word".
(Words: Bryan Grant)

"I am so sad to hear the news. Matthew was a rare breed of gentleman!"
(Words: Caroline Wade)

"We are so sorry to hear the news of the passing of Matthew Sztumpf, Swing Out Sister's first manager. Matthew guided us through most of the important decisions made at the start of our career. Andy and I have been reminiscing over the times we spent together when we started out. (In fact Matthew and Jamie managed us before we even had a name.) Barney's Beanery and Le Parc on our first trip to LA spring to mind..... and the fits of giggles every time we waited to hear the many bizarre variations of his name at hotel and airport check in......Matthew always sported rock n' roll chic in his uniform of white shirt, blue jeans and black Reeboks. Such a great chap and a gentleman gone, he will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with his family, and particularly Chloe & Hannah, his two"
(Words: Swing Out Sister)

"He was a great friend to all of us and I personally adored my heart to hearts with him. Matthew and I had been in the business longer than anyone else on the team and so had the same memories, knew the same people and related pretty much the same anecdotes (always hugely enjoyed despite the number of times we told them!). I shall miss my mate. Matthew was a gentleman, solid, grounded, strong, funny, calm in the face of hurricanes and a true professional. He's given us something to live up to and our journey with him was an absolute bloomin pleasure. Always in our hearts - we shall carry him with us."
(Words: Diane Wagg)

"I first knew Matthew when he was at Bron Agency, back in the days when people like Matthew and Martin Hopewell and myself at Chrysalis Agency and others were all quite happy to call ourselves bookers. He was always a calm and pleasant man to deal with. When he progressed from booking Madness and The Specials et al to a management role with Madness, he remained a good man to deal with when he helped me out by making it possible, financially and practically, for me record a Christmas single with The Bouncing Czecks at the band's studio. I visited him several times when he was at Sony, usually coming away laden with CD's. I regret that I saw a lot less of him in the last few years, and I was genuinely shocked to hear of his death - I retain very good memories of the man and I know I'm not the only one - he'll be missed."
(Words: Allan McGowan)

“It was with great sadness that I heard of the death of Matthew. We first met when he managed Swing Out Sister during those heady times around the release of the first albums on Phonogram. Our paths crossed many times when he was at Sony as well. A true gent and will be fondly remembered”
(Words: Tony Powell)

I worked with Matthew for several years in the 1980's when we were both working with Madness. The work, touring, making videos, TV shows and running the fanclub was fairly relentless in those days, I was 17 and Matthew was kind, supportive and helpful. He was a nice guy. And...he was always up for a good nights razzling!

Some years later I was able to work with the Saints when Mat was managing them.
One memory I do have of Matthew and his daughters, Hannah and Chloe (when they were infants), on the second day of filming the Madness video for House of Fun and the girls siting at his desk listening to story tapes on his Walkman as the band and crew gathered ready for a days filming.
(Words: Hector Walker)